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Irene claims she garnered GRANTS is BS.

Irene claims she garnered GRANTS is BS. It actually COST tax payers some $164,000 :

If you haven't realized it by now, Irene McMullen is a "question dodger". She continues to make statements and when challenged, cannot back them up. She will side step and evading the question. She is deceiving and misleading voters by taking credit for things cannot back up.

At all 3 League of Women Voters (LWV) nights, Irene delivered the same "dribble". A canned speech at West Geauga where she thanked g-tv for recording. Please pay attention Irene, g-tv was not there recording, nor would they be playing it on their channel. Chester does not pass thru Spectrum franchise fees because the township doesn't have Spectrum as a cable supplier. I was recording it!

And, the problem here is, Irene continues to say she "garnered" $440,000 in grants over the last 2 years.

I do not believe that and here is why:

I reviewed the actual township revenue as recorded from January 2017 to July, 2019 and see I can only find $71,570.90 which includes a NOPEC grant. Well, it is called a Grant but I will call it a rebate back of a portion of the bills of customers using NOPEC as their utility supplier. The truth is that our township must submit a plan to be approved by NOPEC as covering a township energy saving project to qualify for reimbursement. Each project must be decided by 2 of the 3 trustees, not Irene alone. Take away some $30,000 of her "I garnered BS".

And, I bet she is taking credit for the OPWC share of $175,000 of the Fowler Mills fiasco. A project which totaled over $600,000, was prepared, by the county engineer, not Irene. The final cost of the project, net of what the state paid was some $425,000 road funds to re-ditch partially and repave 8/10ths of our 48.12 miles of township roads. If we just repaved the road it would have cost the township less than $200,000. She fought the residents and WASTED $225,000 tax dollars; with that amount we would have had enough to repave another mile of our roads. Irene, another BAD decision and let's take away $175,000 of her "I garnered BS"

At the LWV West Geauga HS meeting I challenged her to detail where the $440,000 she "GARNERED" was. She only mentioned an amount of $174,000 which I pointed out was a "pass thru" grant the Chagrin River Watershed asked our trustees to agree to submit for a private land owner. The grant is needed to shore up the banks of the Chagrin River near the NDCL's stadium to prohibit further erosion and compromising the integrity of the structure. Everyone can agrees it makes sense, but the trustees approved it and assigned Irene to sign and respond to the Chagrin Watershed paperwork.

So, to attempt to clarify her statement, I asked Irene, at West Geauga HS, if she could please detail the $440,000 of grants she included and received over the last 2 years to qualify her statement. The only amount was for the Chagrin Watershed grant, she just finished and has not received. A GOOD decision by our trustees, but not her grant. Take away $174,000 of her "I garnered BS".

That leaves ($440k - $30k - $175k - $174k = $61k), $61,000 potential grants in 2 years of which I can only verify hers at some $25,000 for Scenic River park work.

And if I were to agree she was responsible for getting the $175,000 from OPWC for Fowlers Mill, the net loss on that project was ($225,000). Add that to the $61,000 and her "I garnered" would be $61,000 - $225,000 = ($164,000). Irene actually cost the taxpayers $164,000 !!!

Does this support her pledge to continue to be "Fiscally Responsible" ???

Really Munson, Please Vote for Lenore Pikus !!! Pikus in office will, without taking healthcare, will without question save us over $60,000 over her 4 years.

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