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Munson Voters, I need your support

Munson Voters, I need your support:

I am running to become the Fiscal Officer in Munson.

I was looking for differences in our campaigns, beyond my financial experience. Since my opponent never challenged my campaign or criticized me directly I took time to review the coverage and thinking I missed something I listened to the Chardon and Library Admin building recordings I uploaded to "fowlersmill,org". They were the same clean, soft spoken and a metered academic delivery saying that the trustees and fiscal officer need to respect each other, avoid discord, drama and arrive at conclusions civilly.

That's not me so we do have a difference. I'm not always calm or soft-spoken and my emotions will pour from my heart when I hear semi-truths or political avoidance of a question or issue at hand. I am a passionate soldier of truth who pays "attention to the details". I'm a "control freak" when it comes to business and money. I will only hire skilled staff and expect them to do their job. I am a successful business man that is coming out of retirement to "kick-start" the fiscal complacency that allowed our fire department to go without their Christmas time December payments in 2016, 2017 and 2018.

On December 27, 2018 we signed a new fire contract that assures missed payments cannot happen again. I, with the help of the other fire board members and Andy Bushman, red-lined and updated the old fire contract, made it perpetual, set the terms and then negotiated with the trustees to gain your fire department full control and management of your $1.35 million fire tax dollars. (see Munson Township Minutes - December 27, 2018 Then, with full fiscal responsibility of almost half Munson's tax dollars, your fire board planned, budgeted and ordered a new EMS ambulance, added staff and became a training department, all under budget.

The difference is, I am not a "mouse with a masters", I'm a "man with a mission" that knows how to get it done. I'm controversial, dramatic and sometimes fierce in negotiations. Trust though that my "actions will always speak louder than soft spoken promises".

And, be quite sure I will never, like Todd, vote to name an Easter event, the "Spring Egg Hunt".

I am committed to deliver success and am asking for your vote to elect me Munson's next Fiscal Officer.

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