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Residents of MUNSON I am not only asking you to vote for me, but I am asking you to vote with me and elect Lenore Pikus

Here is the copy for the above Maple Leaf Ad

MUNSON VOTERS, I bought this Ad to help you understand why I am coming out of retirement to run for fiscal officer in Munson.

It began in December, 2015 when I saw surveyors staking out Fowlers Mill North. But it wasn't till August, 2016, when I received a letter from 2 Fowlers Mill land owners that I knew I needed to get involved.

In August, 2016 I attended my first township meeting and met the current team of elected officials, Andy Bushman, Jim McCaskey, Irene McMullen, and fiscal officer Judy Toth, the "fourth trustee" as Jim likes to call her. I quickly learned that Jim and Irene were attempting to get an Ohio Public Works match of $175,000 against a $540,000 estimated county designed project cost to widen our road from 18 to 26 feet. Just repaving was estimated at $175,000. It made no sense to anyone to destroy 1 of the 2 most historic roads in Munson and waste over $400,000 of road fund tax dollars when over 80% of the land owners asked, by written petition, to reconsider.

In 2017 it got worse when I learned that the township employee responsible to file Munson Fire federal tax returns never did for 9 years, causing the IRS to revoke our non-profit status. It took the fire board and the help from NMS accountants till fall of 2018 to regain the status.

At the budget hearing, August, 2018, when Judy announced she would not seek re-election is when I decided to run for office.

Changes are needed and here is what I will accomplish and why.

1 - I will present to your trustees a 5 year plan by January, 2020 to impact the March Permanent Appropriations, a task completed before your next Fiscal Officer takes office, April, 2020.

Why, because your County Treasurer, Chris Hitchcock, has demanded that plan repeatedly over the last 10 years and your current team of Fiscal Officer and 3 Trustees cannot commit to offering that plan before next August's hearing. This task is a basic responsibility of their position and raises to me a "red flag" that screams the NEED for change in leadership.

2 - I will provide transparency through the initial use of "Ohio Checkbook". A great start that will be augmented with local "drill-down" access to details of summary all types of transactions.

Why, because Munson voters NEED direct access to easy to understand detailed and summarized "public" information. Information, if they choose, to be alerted to meetings, issues, Resolutions, Motions, minutes and expenditures impacting the township and our tax dollars.

3 - I will provide video records of our meetings and post them to a website where residents can listen and hear the entire meeting.

Why, because summarized minutes may not cover everything or present all the facts. Recording meetings is something I and others have been asking for some time and was only supported by Andy Bushman.

To complete my promises I need your help in electing the best team. Considering we have trustees;

  • Andy Bushman, a trustee of trustees. Andy the most honest and benevolent public servant I have ever met, donating most of his pay to local causes and refusing paid healthcare from the township in lieu of paying for coverage at his full time job.
  • Jim McCaskey, our newest trustee who, since the Fowlers Mill fiasco, has worked hard to become a cohesive member of the team and maybe working on a goal that may include running for county commissioner some day.

Who should we elect to our Trustee team?

  • Irene McMullen, the current trustee who brought national outrage to Munson by leaving "Easter" out of our first egg hunt and has proven she
  • cannot answer a direct question,
  • cannot backup financial information she takes credit for,
  • does not make decisions the residents petition her to make,
  • will not forgo taxpayer paid family healthcare in lieu of an available spousal alternative,
  • cannot provide a time she can respond to our budget commission, or
  • has not focused on her primary job as trustee: to provide and manage your tax dollars levied to covering the basics of roads, safety and zoning.
  • Lenore Pikus, A fresh and focused candidate who I believe can do the job and who I will vote for. I have met with Lenore and am so impressed with her passion and desire to listen to the people and make Munson stronger. I learned she will put Munson before herself and her family. She demonstrated she knows how to make a decision, can back up her statements with facts, has committed to save us $60,000 by foregoing taxpayer healthcare and gave me her SOLID commitment to vote the will of the people! An easy choice for me.

I am asking you to round out our decision making team by supporting my choice and voting for Lenore Pikus as Township Trustee.

By voting for Lenore you will complete the best team of trustees to couple with a fiscal officer that has the experience and proven record to get the job done. I believe I am that fiscal officer, the one who fits the profile and will deliver on time and with attention to detail.

I am a asking you to vote for me to become your Fiscal Officer.

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