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Has McMullen or Ray made decisions you or I would NOT have???

Munson Voters:

I am a staunch Republican who wants to be your Fiscal Officer and asking you to vote for Lenore Pikus as trustee and NOT Irene McMullen.

Why? Because I wants to work with trustees that share my political views or passion to keep Munson safe and rural!.

I do not want to work with Irene McMullen because she is indecisive and unprepared ! She rides the fence and is a politician that will tell you what she thinks you want to hear. She is not good for Munson!

And, I do not want to work with a person who has accused me of being disruptive and hard to work with when I strive to listen, compromise and do what the residents want.

Let's compare her and some of Todd Ray's previous decisions:

  • They together brought national attention and local anger to Munson (View on YouTube) by deciding to omit a Christian term like “Christmas or Easter” from any of our events.
  • Irene accepts FAMILY healthcare coverage while paying over $10,000 a year in dues ($900 per month) to be a member of Munson's private golf club, Sand Ridge Country Club at the same time her husband, a partner in a successful local law firm, refuses to take advantage to his firms family healthcare plan. Simply, they choose to have the taxpayers pay their club dues... really!
  • Irene continues to cause disharmony among the trustees and the residents. She worked out a deal to rebuild Fowlers mill rather than repaving Sherman Road-West. And then she voted to cut down the historic trees on Fowlers Mill, compromising the rural beauty and causing unnecessary stress on residents because she didn't care what the people said and wanted it "her way".
  • Irene even refused, in a public meeting, to acknowledge or abide by a petition of the land owners asking to just repave and save over $200,000.
  • Irene, responsible for fire levy tax dollars, could not pay the signed contract amount of $116,656.75 to your fire department in December, 2016 & 2017, & 2018.
  • Irene could not give your county Treasurer a date when a 5 year budget plan could be submitted. She told him she could not be responsive to giving him a date Munson could provide a 5 year budget plan.
  • Irene ridiculously asked your county treasurer to read our Munson's minutes to learn about our financials.
  • Irene continues to tell everyone she garnered over $440,000 in grants ( View on to YouTube ) since 2017 when the our UAN computerized township bookkeeping software shows all grants received totals $73,301.52.
  • Irene did not know till 2017 that our fire department had lost it's not-for-profit status in 2010. Yet she touts that she advises not-for-profit organizations and individuals on all aspects of business ventures but didn't know that the fire department had not filed an IRS tax return since 2009. Irene did not pay attention for 10 years!!!!
  • Irene tried to create a policy to sell dirt removed from one resident and sell it back to another resident. Maybe she was thinking she had found a new revenue stream... really!
  • Irene voted to hire a former Munson Fire Department employee to work for and be paid by the township while he remained on the board of the private non-profit corporation as president and chief operating officer. Isn't this a conflict of interest and illegal?
  • Irene chose to pay from her personal funds to the township a significant payroll amount incorrectly an authorized payroll error paid to an employee rather than have it covered by her bond.
  • Irene, is not abiding by our zoning resolution regarding signage! Specifically related to the number of days a sign is allowed or the allowed distance away side property lot lines.
There's more, and her only achievement may be the recent Scenic River trails and "rain garden", but that is extra and not her main responsibility.

More details, answers and documented facts are on “”. Learn why many of us are frustrated.

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